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    • Kick off your school year with positivity and fun
    • Get everyone active, smiling and meeting Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
    • Showcase dance styles from around the world (Hip Hop, Tango, African, Bollywood, Country and more)
    • Inspire teachers, staff and students to claim their Bubble of Awesome
    • Promote positive mental health

Mini-Shake the Break (1 Hour)
A whole school event! All the students gather together in the gym for up to 60 minutes of inter ACTIVE fun! Is your school too large to get all the students in the gym at once? Split 2 groups in the gym for 30 mins each (eg. K-Gr 4 11AM-11:30, Gr5-Gr 8 11:30-12PM)

Full Day Shake the Break (Full-Day up to 6 sessions)
$500/day for past clients -$625/day for new clients

It’s time to let students get active and inspire them to PLAY with dance! This one-‐day ACTIVATION session is designed to promote positive mental health, meet curriculum expectations for H&PE and Dance and guarantees to meet Daily Physical Activity requirements. Our one-day workshops include four to six 45min-60min sessions. The school decides the schedule of the 4-6 workshops. We can accommodate up to 80 students per workshop, as long as the space is large enough.