All residencies include a free Lunch Hour DPA Workshop!

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Showcases Variety of Dance Styles

Meets DPA Requirements

Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical literacy

Curriculum-Base Learning

Assessment Tools and Exit Cards

Choregraphy Notes & 
Lunch Hour DPA Workshop

Dances for DPA Videos

Pre-Program Videos

Pre-Program Videos w/ Lesson Plans

Cross-Curicular Lesson Plans



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1-Day Workshop


per day


School Residency


per 5-day residency


*ENHANCED* School Residency


per 5-day residency


16 Classroom Extension Worksheets

10 Cross Curricular Lesson Plans


*Price-per-student prices are based on a school population of 350 students and reflect an approximate per-session price. This number is used as a reference only and prices do not fluctuate according to school population.
**Residency programs are delivered in a total of 5 sessions. For most schools, this means that the residency program will be 5 days in length.
***Programs that exceed 5-days will be priced at $575/day (Residency) and $625/day (ENHANCED Residency).